Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Wishlist Wednesdays - Bees Knees
1. THE BEEKEEPER'S BIBLE - Elliott Bay Book Company  2. HONEY BEE PENDANT - Yellow Owl Workshop  3. HONEY BEE ZOOLOGY POSTER - The Evolution Store  4. HONEYBEE HABITAT - Buy Olympia  5. PURE BEESWAX PILLAR CANDLE - Terrain  6. WEE BOWL BEE - Circa Ceramics  7. BALLARD BEE COMPANY 12oz CREAMED HONEY - Blackbird  8. CERAMIC BEE STAMPER - Anthropologie  9. WOMEN'S BEE MANDALA TEE - Astrolaboratory

Our fuzzy little lady friends have been out and a buzzing in this beautiful Pacific Northwest weather we've having.  It is always such a joy to see and hear them out and about again in the garden.  We don't have nearly the bee friends in our new neighborhood.  However I have seen that the ladies have been all over joyfully buzzing around the Cherry Trees and Mahonia Bushes in our neighborhood. 

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