Sunday, April 7, 2013


A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays - Anacortes - Easter
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays - Easter - Anacortes
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays - Easter - Anacortes
dress - thrifted | sweater - macy's | tights - nordstrom rack | shoes - f21 | belt - f21 | necklace - Mr. Kyle

Good Morning Friends! Don't let these photos deceive you, it is not beautiful, sunny and warm here in Portland. is beautiful, rainy and cold here.  These photos were actually taken last week on Easter in Anacortes.  Kyle and I were only able to snap a couple photos when my camera batteries died.  Whoopsies! That is why these did not make it up last week. Since I am feeling a tad bit under the weather, I thought I would post these up this week.  
Looking back at these photos, I am craving that warm sunny weather again.  It really was a beautiful few days in the PNW last week.  *sigh* But how else would we have such a beautiful green and lush land with out the rain?  

I start school tomorrow and I am so thrilled.  I feel like I have been waiting oh so long for this day to get here.  And here I am! I can't wait for all of the new skills I'm going to learn and acquire.  And hopefully make a few friends along the way.  

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