Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paul Bunyan Day

A Wayward Wind - Paul Bunyan Day
Yes that's right... June 28th is National Paul Bunyan Day. It's a day to celebrate one of the most loved figures in American folklore.  And let's not forget his trusty blue ox Babe.  According to legend, Paul and Babe shaped some of our country's most loved natural wonders.  Together their footprints made the "10,000 lakes" of Minnesota. And when Paul dragged his axe through the southwest he created the Grand Canyon.

Paul is the subject of many roadside attractions throughout the United States and Canada.  I took the first picture above from Kyle and I's roadtrip last week while we were traveling through Portland Oregon.  My most favorite Paul I've visited is in Bemidji, MN(above).  If you are planning a road trip near or far, Roadside America is a great resource for locating Paul Bunyans and many other crazy roadside attractions.

<3, Jenny Rose

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