Wednesday, April 17, 2013


1. ROSE PASTILLES - Anis De Flavigny   2. SPRING CONFECTION COLLECTION - Theo Chocolate   3. LAVENDER NATURAL HERBAL CANDY - Sweet Botanicals at Natural Candy Store   4. OLD FASHION CANDIES / POPPY - L'Ami Provencal   5. SWEET CRYSTAL VIOLAS - Sweetfields   6. VIOLET MINTS - Choward's   7. FLOWER KISS HARD CANDY - Kasugai at Candy Warehouse   8. ROSE PASSION LOLLIPOPS - Eventful Sweets

Flowers are a sweet gift to give a loved one or friend, and they can literally be sweet as well!  Perhaps a candied viola to top off a cupcake?  Or maybe your craving a bit of Jasmine to accompany your chocolate craving?  How about a rose mint before your big interview?  It may sound a bit out of the ordinary, but don't knock 'em till you try em!  I can't say that I have tried all of these sweet treats (still dying to try 2, 5, and 8), but I have had most, and they are delicious! Om Nom Nom!

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