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A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
Oh hello there! Yes it's me! And I'm up and blogging again in the new year.  I am so excited for what lies a head in the year to come.  Since my last post I have been a busy bee.  Kyle and I took to the forest to live for a while just outside of Seattle. It's beautiful out here, and finally starting to feel like home.  I will be sure to post picture of our new place soon.  
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
I spent the later half of last year to do a lot of thinking and self exploration.  I had been unhappy with my career path for a while now.  After graduating college in 2008, Kyle and I moved from Ellensburg to Seattle. I couldn't find work in the arts or museum field, and eventually I fell into a job working as a bank teller. I found a lot of excitement and reward working in a professional atmosphere and eventually moved up to my position now as an Assistant Branch Manager.  I love my co-workers, my clients, but I fell out of love with my actual job.  But what did I want to do?
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
Last August I helped out a lot with my cousin Colette's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding, and in helping her piece her wedding together a new interest was sparked.  Floraling.  I decided to take a class, which was something I had been thinking about here and there over the past few years.  I did all of my own florals for my own wedding, and have been digging in gardens since I was a little girl helping my mom.   Why had I not thought about this before?
So I took a small day class.  And it has been the motivation I've needed to commit to this new career choice.  I have felt a calling to follow this passion, and I am leaving my steady job and going to school in April for my floral certification.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive husband, and such encouraging friends and family as I am starting this new chapter. I hope that you all will enjoy and follow along with me in my new journey.A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays - Twin Peaks
Today Kyle and I went on a little day adventure to Snoqualmie Falls! It was a beautiful sunny day.  We through rocks in the river, watched Red Winged Blackbirds fly through the marshes, and of course enjoyed the beauty of the falls.  Oh yes! Let's not forget, we also indulged in a bit of little Twin Peaks nostalgia at Twede's Cafe. TWIN PEAKS!!!!!
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays - Snoqulamie Falls
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