Sunday, July 8, 2012


A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
Oh Happy Day! It's full on summertime in Seattle and Seattleites are high on vitamin D and loving life!
I have been waiting to wear this dress for several months, and today was the day. I bought this dress off of esty when I was searching for "bright pink plaid". Can you believe this dress?!?!  The kittens! The puppies! The neon pink and olive buffalo check! So cute my heart wanted to burst!
 This dress is "purrrrrfect!" Ha! Ha! Sorry!
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays

dress - etsy | necklace - gift | belt - thrifted scarf - thrifted | sunglasses - vain | bangles - lucky vintage

I thought today would also be the perfect day to wear this kitten + puppy party as a way to celebrate Langston's quick recovery.  Nothing too serious happened to our pup, but on July 4th he partied a little too hard with his dog friends and ripped his toe nail off in his back/left paw.  Ouch!  He was a little pathetic and limpy for a couple days, but he has been recovering quickly. Langston got his bandages off today, and is his crazy happy self again.

He was pretty cute and hilarious in his little Elizabethan Collar...

<3, Jenny Rose

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