Monday, May 28, 2012

Uniform Sundays

This weekend was exactly what I needed!!!  This year has been long and seamed short all at the same time.  Sometimes a girl needs to pack her stuff up and go play in the woods with her family and friends.  It was a pretty epic weekend of campfires, camp crafts, and ladder golf.  It was also a great weekend of self reflection and remembering what it is that really matters in life. 
A Wayward Wind - Uniform Sundays
top - vans | skirt - anthropologie | tights - target | shoes - vans | belt - anthropologie | hat - vintage | necklace - forever21 | lipstick - so chaud - mac |

 Whenever I go camping I always like to wear a funny hat.  Something about camping brings out the dress up dork in me!!! This vintage Smokey the Bear hat is my favorite camping gem right now.  I scored it from my favorite vintage shop in Ellensburg a few years ago.  I was so terribly sad when Kyle and I visited Ellensburg a couple months ago to find that the shop was no longer open! It's so sad!!! 

My most beloved vintage dresses, furniture, and housewares came from Main Street Market Antiques in Ellensburg.  When I first started writing this post I did a quick Google search to see if I could dig up any information as to what happened to it, to find that they are still open online!  Now known as Nana's Cottage House Antiques on Etsy!!!! HOORAY!!!! While you can't pet their sweet and dapper dog Gabe, you can see a pic of his sweet tie wearing face HERE.  I recommend pulling that pic up in a separate screen while you browse this antique market on Etsy!

<3, Jenny Rose

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