Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunprint Inspired Easter Eggs

Sun Print Inspired Easter Eggs
This year Kyle and I are hosting our first holiday family dinner with Easter.  I haven't dyed Easter Eggs in years, and decided that this was the year! I love the look of sunprints (cyanotypes), and they are so much fun to make. I was inspired by the use of botanicals as stencils here, and found a great recipe for making natural blue dye from scratch here.  The ingredients couldn't be simpler and recipe easier to make. 
Sun Print Inspired Easter Eggs Ingredients
I scouted our backyard and refrigerator for herbs and botanicals that had a variety of shapes and textures. Then I rubbed a little vinegar on the eggs, carefully placed the botanicals on the egg, and tied them inside nylons so the leaves and petals were tight against the eggs.   
Sun Print Inspired Easter Eggs Instructions
I boiled the eggs for ten minutes in the dye, then placed them in the refrigerator (still soaking in the dye pan) at about 5:30pm.  When I jumped out of bed the next morning at 6:00am these beautiful eggs appeared! 
Sun Print Inspired Easter Eggs Final Product
Almost too pretty to eat.....almost! Nom! Nom! Nom!


  1. I had a great question that I deleted by mistake, I will recap...

    Years To Your Health:
    SO how do you soak/boil them in the dye? Do you just boil them with the cabbage leaves? Need more instructions on that part please.

    A Wayward Wind:
    Great question!

    I made the dye first, I boiled the cabbage in a large stock pot. It took about an hour of boiling the cabbage before I got a dense and rich hue. I poured just the dye (no cabbage) it into a smaller pot better for boiling a dozen eggs. I boiled the nylon covered eggs for ten minutes, and then popped them in the fridge. Hope that helps!

    ♥, Jenny Rose

    (sorry about that Years To Your Health)

  2. So pretty! I must try this. (Petals and pedals, not the same thing!)

  3. can this be used on wood or anything else?